Monday, March 5, 2012

What's the point?

What's the point, Andrea?  Why did you start writing?  You know, I've asked myself this question hundreds of times in the past several months.  I've always been decent at writing.  I could always tell a good story.  I just never tried to write anything that wasn't required by a class or that was going to be read by anyone other than myself.  I do not have a definitive answer to the question, just a few maybes.

Maybe, it's because I suck at taking pictures, uploading them and sharing them and this is an easier way to archive our lives.  The turkeys do some funny shit that I don't ever want to forget and let's face it I probably will, because contrary to my numerous assertions, I do not remember everything.

Maybe, since we made the big move out west almost 3 years ago (!) and I left behind some of the greatest girlfriends the world has ever known, writing has become my way of self-expression since my girls are a million miles away and time zones suck.

Maybe, I desperately hope that my words will touch you, whether it be through a funny story or a thought provoking post.

Maybe, when you are having a bad day, it makes me feel good to know that the antics of my turkeys (or hell, even me) might just put a little grin on your face.

Maybe I have big dreams on what I can do with this blog and my life.  I am a giver and if I can get enough people to read this sucker, then I have some big plans to help some pretty amazing people.  Hint:  Sharing is caring, friends.

Maybe it's because I've discovered after many years, that words are the mirror of the soul and I want to share my soul.

Maybe it's because I have been through a lot in my short little life and I hope my experiences might be able to help you in whatever particular situation you may be facing.

Maybe, it's because I feel like God wants me to.

Maybe, because writing is taking me out of my comfort zone and enabling me to realize the mistakes of my past do not define who I am today.  Facing the mistakes I've made in the past are actually giving me a incredible sense of empowerment that I never imagined to be possible.

And maybe, just maybe, because I simply like to write.

Love and peace,



  1. I for one, am glad you do. As my adorable sweet nephews (and the only ones I have) and other half of our family live a country away, your writing on day to day events helps to bring you all closer. I get to feel like I'm right there with you sometimes!

  2. Thanks sister! I love you! And I appreciate the time you take to comment. It gives me the warm fuzzies. Smooches to you and brother.