Friday, March 2, 2012

It is always an adventure. Always.

No, the turkeys and I did not drive up north today.  We settled for little drives around town and had a lovely time reminding the van why she missed us so much.  I am happy to be back to normal and enjoy not dreading every little errand I have to run.

Today I had conferences for the turkeys.  Conferences?  Really?  They go to school two mornings a week. Conferences?  Really? Yes, really, and actually, since they just started school in January, I probably shouldn't bitch about going.  I should want to know how they are doing and what areas they need work on.  But it cut right into my doing absolutely nothing time and I was a little salty especially since some overachieving mom stole the 9:00 spot right out from under me and I had to come back an hour and fifteen minutes later.  Did I mention it cut into my doing absolutely nothing time?  Whatever, it lasted a whopping 10 minutes.  Total.  For both kids.  And, it was nice to hear that the turkeys are doing well.  Especially considering that 6 short months ago I was freaking the eff out about their speech development.  Silly mommy, now they won't stop talking.

They had a variety of tasks listed in each developmental category and there were three levels.  U = Usually, G = Good progress, W = Needs work.  I am happy to say my turkeys both got all U's, a couple G and only one W.  The W was in using scissors, so I am okay with that one.  Not too shabby of a first "report card."

When I picked them up from school, one of their classmates, Zoey and her mommy, Elise were leaving at the same time.  Elise and I chatted and she mentioned she was going to Costco for lunch.  Costco is one of my all time favorite places to take the turkeys for lunch because you can do it on the super cheap.  I invited us along and we ventured on over to the Costco and of course, as soon as we hit the doors, the turkeys take off.  Now, I am not too worried, because they know exactly where the food counter is and sure enough after playing an excrutiatingly fun game of dodge the snowbirds and their shopping carts, there they were sitting on the floor, definitely in mortal danger of being stepped on, with their friend Zoey, waiting patiently for the mommies.

Zoey's mom then spots another mom from the preschool with a cartload of goodies and a couple of rugrats, in the food line.  Before I knew it, we had 3 moms (two of which are pregnant, by the way, and NO I am not one of them) trying to wrangle in a herd of 5 kids all of which are 3 and under.  Yes, we were definitely outnumbered.  Hayden and Logan ate their pizza in like 30 seconds flat.  Apparently, they were hungry.  I got to listen to the two lovely expectant mommies talk about pregnancy, all the while praising God for giving me two in one shot so I wouldn't have to go through that mess again.  Of course, the other mom, Kristin, is on her FOURTH kid and she doesn't look a day over 30.  I almost started hyperventilating when I heard the word four.

I got the turkeys and Zoey some ice cream and they devoured that as well.  Suddenly, Logan looks at me and says, "I have to pee mommy," and takes off towards the bathroom, engaging in yet another game of dodge the shopping carts.  I take off after him with Hayden and Zoey in tow.  Seriously, I have got to teach my kids not to do this, but short of strapping a leash onto them, I am at a loss of what to do.  After an exhausting lunch, which lasted all of 20 minutes, I loaded the turkeys up in the van gave Zoey and Elise a hug, and headed the eff home, where, after I put the boys down for their nap, I seriously entertained the idea of opening a bottle of red.  At 2:00.  In the afternoon.  I didn't, but I couldn't stop the words, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" from running through my head.

Love and peace,


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