Sunday, November 20, 2011


God is great…yep, there I’ve gone and done it.  Turned my blog, after just a few short days into “one of those religious blogs.”  Well, not quite, but I thought it would only be fair to share with you how much I love God.

I am Catholic and proud of it.  Geez, there I’ve gone and done it again. 

Throughout my 33 years, I have dabbled in many different religions.  I’ve come and gone, drifting through, until circumstances changed and I changed.  I kept looking for something, looking for something I didn’t believe the church I had been baptized into could offer.  I was wrong.

I didn’t go to any church for approximately 12 years.  I never stopped believing in God or Jesus Christ, I just thought organized religion was not a necessity for that great trip to Heaven in the afterlife.  

What changed, you might ask?  September 12, 2011, I learned that an acquaintance from law school, Robin Evernham passed away from cancer.  She was a 32 year old mother of two little ones and a loving, devoted wife and she was just gone.  I did a little googling and stumbled across her caring bridge site.

Holy Moly!  Her journal entries and those by her husband, Scott, were filled with the most powerful words I have ever read.  Her cancer was of an unknown origin and she was diagnosed a mere year before she died.  Her journal was very personal, very poignant, very hopeful and joyful. 

Joyful.  Not a word one would normally associate with a diagnosis of terminal cancer.  But that is what it was.  Her absolute faith in God and His power and her trust in the Holy Catholic Church during this time of trial and tribulation was astounding.  It surprised me and made me really think about what she was writing.  I went back to that caring bridge site many times afterwards reading her many prayers and the scriptures she quoted.  Not once did she rail at God.  Not once did she say, “WHY ME, GOD?”  Instead, it was her absolute reliance and sheer love for God that made the last year of her life one of celebration instead of sorrow. 

I started thinking about my life and the lives of my boys, David, mom, dad, brother, and sister.  I started thinking about how I would want to react if a tragedy ever befell our family.  I knew I would want to be like Robin.  I wanted to put my life and the lives of those I love in the hands of God and trust in Him completely.  I wanted the love and faith Robin had to fill my life, not only during times of sorrow but EVERY single day.  

So I went back to my roots and I haven’t looked back.  

Love and peace


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