Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Tuesday

Wait!  Before you leave, this post, regardless of what the title implies, is NOT about Thanksgiving!  It may or may not be clear to you yet, but I have a tendency to call my children "the turkeys."  Why, you ask?  You know, I am not really quite sure.  

Maybe it is because they, from time to time, act like wild animals? 

Maybe because to call my children turkeys is much nicer than some of the other words that pop into my head on occasion, especially when they are systematically destroying my house or tearing down the aisles at the grocery.  

Nonetheless, I figured I may as well give you all a break from my ramblings about the kids and life and give you some pictures.  Because, let's face it, you probably want to see pictures of the children more than you want to read what I have to say.  
It's okay, I can handle it.  They are pretty stinking cute.  

This means that I actually have to take out my camera and take pictures, then, huh?  Ugh...I really do not like taking pictures.  I like even less loading them onto the computer and trying to find ones that are somewhat acceptable.  But, I will do it, just for you.  Because I am willing to sacrifice for the greater good.  

So that's what Turkey Tuesdays are all about.  Not just stories about the turkeys but some pictures of them too.  

Since this is the first turkey tuesday post, I want to play a little game.  The boys are NOT identical twins.  There are quite a lot of differences between them.  So let's see if you can guess which one is which?

Which kid is in the fire truck shirt?  Which kid is in the yellow moose shirt?  Leave your guesses in the comments section.  No cheating either!!!!

Please don't worry about the appearance of the head injury.  He bonked his head
 and insisted upon a "bandage."  I tried to talk him out of putting in on his hair, but that was an
 epic fail.  He kept it there ALL day!

I tried to get a little fancy with this one and then I couldn't figure out how to 
get the original picture back.  See, I suck at pictures.

This is his perfect smile.  The one that I can never capture on film!  
Well, almost never.

On the way up!

"Help Mommy!"  
"Hang on, Honey!  Let me get this picture!"

See, even at the park, they try to get away from me and get
as close as possible to danger.  
Even at the park.

One of their favorite things to do.  Chase.

The guaranteed end result.  Every. Single. Time.

Hope you enjoyed this week's Turkey Tuesday.  I guess taking pictures isn't ALL that bad after all!  Don't forget to leave your guesses! I can't wait to see how many wrong ones I get :)

Love and peace


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  1. Moose shirt = Logan
    Fire truck = Hayden
    I'm not entirely confident in this because its hard to tell in pictures! Also, when they are side by side its totally easy. Can't believe how they look older since even September! Can't wait to see the Turkeys next weekend!