Friday, November 25, 2011

Just some random thoughts and step by step instructions on how to remove foreign objects from your kids nose

Our turkey day was wonderful.  We have started eating later the last couple years, after the boys get up from their nap.  I find I like that much better.  The anticipation of the meal builds and then you eat and eat and eat but aren’t miserable for the rest of the day, just a few hours before bed.

Black Friday sales were so tempting.  I thought about going out for about 25 seconds last night.  The thing is we don’t need anything.  Christmas for the boys is taken care of, thanks to garage sales and craigslist.  I already have a couple of gifts for David also compliments of garage sales.  We don’t buy any other gifts.  So I could have gone out, bought stuff we didn’t need and felt really guilty, ultimately leading me to return it the next day. 

David rented Cars 2 yesterday morning from the Redbox.  Now that is a brilliant idea.  David has looked for it online for the last week and finally was able to score it. 

Hang on, my kid just put a Trix up his nose.  I am not even kidding.  As I was writing my kid stuck a Trix up his flipping nose.  Be right back.

Whew, crisis averted.  Good thing the urgent care doctor taught me last year how to remove foreign objects from toddler/infant noses if they can’t or won’t blow.  Or if the foreign object is stuck.  How to do this, you ask?

Step 1:  Lay child on flat surface
Step 2:  Tip head back (like you were going to perform mouth to mouth)
Step 3:  Block the nostril closed that does NOT contain foreign object
Step 4:  Cover your child’s mouth with yours (just like mouth to mouth)
Step 5:  Blow HARD

Object should come flying out!  Hope this post will help save someone the cost of an urgent care/ER visit.  This was probably the most useful information I ever got from a doctor and it only cost me a $50 copay.  $50 for literally 5 minutes with the doctor.  You’d think the nurse from the pediatrician’s office could have guided me through this process instead of sending me to the urgent care.  Whatever.

So this post was going to be random as I didn’t have anything planned for today, but of course, the turkeys give me no shortage of material to work with. 

They always keep me on my toes. 

Love and peace


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