Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jesus Lights

Sometimes my turkeys absolutely blow me away with how much they REALLY know.  Their little minds are just moving at light speed and picking up so much new information every day. 

I’ve been talking to them about Jesus lately.  After all, they are going to be baptized in the next couple of months, better get ‘em ready for that little dip.  And it is Christmas.  Basically all they know is that Jesus loves them.  But that’s a pretty good start I would say for a couple of 3 year olds.

They have gone to church with me only once.  We lasted for the first 10 minutes of mass and then headed to the cry room, where they preceded to reorganize all the chairs and play with the volume button.  They haven’t returned.  Every week, I gaze wishfully at all the other toddlers that seem to do so well at mass.  Their parents must engage in some serious bribery or blackmail to ensure such good behavior. 

Or maybe my kids just aren’t wired with any sort of “sit still” behavior, you know, unless I tie them down. 

I’m not really sure where or how Hayden figured out that the cross was a symbol of Jesus Christ.   But he knows.

We went to a Christmas Light “flip the switch” night last weekend.  There is a local church that goes ALL out decorating its campus for Christmas.  They even hang cross-shaped Christmas lights in the trees. 

Well, we arrived and had some cookies, or I did, the turkeys each took one bite of theirs and promptly handed the remaining cookie to me.  I couldn’t let perfectly good cookies go to waste, now could I?

Four cookies later and we were waiting with anticipation for the organizers to “flip the switch.”  Well, I was waiting eagerly; the turkeys were more interested in jumping off fire hydrants and walking along curbs.  I should mention that the parking lot was roped off, so the danger was minimalized.  No danger of being hit by cars, just in danger of cracking their heads open.  No big deal.

So the countdown began and the lights were on!  We were right under a tree with the lighted crosses.  Hayden looked up and said,

“Look, Mommy, Jesus lights!  Pretty Jesus lights.”

His little brain is something else.  I sure do love my turkeys.  They warm my heart.

Love and peace


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