Sunday, December 11, 2011

Laughter really is the best medicine

Oh Hayden and Logan!  What am I going to do with you?  Sometimes all I can do is laugh. 

Like when you Logan, go potty and don’t put your pants back on and then mosey on over to the couch and lay across the back of it with your bare butt in the air.  Yeah, all I can do is laugh.  Sorry, kids, no nakey butt pictures on the blog, but I did get one.  Oh yes, I did and it is GREAT.  It is carefully archived on the computer and reserved for future use.

All I can do is laugh, when you run outside in the morning and insist upon turning the Christmas lights on and insist upon leaving them on ALL DAY LONG.

All I can do is laugh, Hayden, when you come bounding into our room when the sun is just starting to rise, hollering, “Time to wake up Mommy and Daddy!  Sun’s coming up!”  I really need to teach you how to make coffee before doing that.

All I can do is laugh, turkeys when I walk into your bedroom and you are jumping from bed to bed, grinning from ear to ear saying, “Mommy, watch me!  Watch me!” 

All I can do is laugh, when I discover you put my favorite pair of jeans in the washer, while it was running and into a load of whites, with bleach, no less.  At least they were only $8 jeans I purchased on ebay, but damn, those were my favorite pair.

All I can do is laugh when I walk into your playroom and you have systematically turned over every single container of toys looking for that one red truck which you probably threw over the fence the other day anyway.

All I can do is laugh, boys, when you walk out of my closet wearing my black high heels shoes and say, “Look mommy, I found it, I found it, shoes match.”

All I can do is laugh when I go into the bathroom to find the sink almost overflowing because you decided to stuff toilet paper down the drain and turn the water on.

Oh, boys, you bring me so much joy every day and some days I just have to laugh.

Love and peace


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