Friday, December 16, 2011

"You got me a deep fryer?"

Ok.  It’s day 3 of the Christmas decorations and I am beyond ecstatic to announce that the turkeys have not broken a single ornament.  I knew they could do it.  

What, I didn't?  Gee, my memory must be worse than I thought.   

Yesterday, I posted a request for advice on facebook.  The responses were awesome.  Thank you for taking the time to give such thoughtful ideas. 

David and I have decided to get the boys Android tablets.  I found two on Craigslist for $180 (total).  I know there are a lot of parents out there that would disagree with this decision, but we are getting them for several reasons. 

There are a ton of educational games on these suckers and I would rather them play some sort of educational game than watch T.V.  That being said, the fact that we can watch Netflix on them is another reason.  Especially when we are out to dinner.  

Seriously, now that they are no longer in high chairs, I need something to keep them distracted.  Otherwise it sounds like the Indianapolis 500 in our booth with the ridiculously loud sounds the children make with their hot wheels.  Or they start playing hide and seek with the unwilling people in the booth next to us.  Or they just heave their hot wheels into the booth behind us.  These turkeys move faster than the flipping speed of light, I am certain of it. 

I am also please to announce that my husband found one of his Christmas gifts the other day while he was decorating the house for Christmas.  Seeing as though he is only getting two, I am batting .500 in the present hiding department.  To be honest, I didn’t hide it all that well anyway. But did he really have to say,

“Why is there a deep fryer in that box over there?”

Gee, honey, I don’t know.  Why the hell would there be a brand new deep fryer hidden in a box in the garage?  Do ya think it might be a Christmas present?  Couldn't you have just pretended you didn't see it and look all surprised and uber happy on Christmas morning to indulge your poor wife?

‘What?  You got me a deep fryer?  Why would you do that?”

I’ve lost track, but that may be strike 3.

Despite my husband’s seemingly dogged determination to take away what little Christmas spirit I have, I am getting much better and more excited for the big day.  Hope you all are getting everything done that needs to be done and thinking about the true reason for the season. 

Love and peace


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