Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Who's your favorite rapper?"

Yesterday was one of the all around nicest days I have had in a long time!  My brother Jeff, and sister in law Lauren are visiting from Cleveland for a few days, which is always a treat!

And, it was my madre’s birthday!  She probably won’t read this, but Happy Birthday Mommy! 

The boys and I had a peaceful morning.  About 9:30 we packed up the ol’ minivan to head over to our local floral shop (i.e. grocery store) to pick up some flowers for the birthday gal and then to mom and dads for the birthday breakfast. 

As I was checking out the flower selection and debating between 2 individual roses or a small bouquet, the turkeys discovered they were able to reach the strings attached to the mylar ballons which were floating directly overhead in a cage type thing to keep them stationary. 

Yep, before I knew it, about 5 balloons had been captured by Hayden and Logan and they were making a run for it.  I was able to catch them around the meat department and herd them and the balloons back. 

I quickly decided that individual roses were the way to go, handed them each a rose and headed to the checkout.   At some point in the 30 feet from the floral department to the checkout lane, the turkeys decided the long stem roses would make perfect pirate swords.  That was enjoyable; almost as enjoyable as the looks of pity I encountered from nearly every individual I made eye contact with. 

After the birthday breakfast, the turkeys spent some time rolling around with Uncle Beff and Dandad.  Then, Jeff, Lauren, the boys and I headed to the grocery store to pick up items for mom’s birthday dinner. 

Grocery store?  Twice in one day, Andrea?  You must be trying to drive yourself crazy!

Oh, but see, since there were other people with me, I could throw the boys in a couple carts and they were completely unable to wreak any havoc.  It was a beautiful thing. 

We were in the car on the way home from the grocery when the boys started fussing.  My brother, God bless his heart, starts asking the boys random questions, you know, to get them to stop whining.  One of the questions was,   “Who’s your favorite politician?”  To which Hayden responded, “Hmmmmmm.”  Perfect answer, Hayden, perfect answer. 

The other question was, “Who’s your favorite rapper?”  My brother worked with them on the answer to this question for several minutes.  Stay tuned for the answer. 

Turkeys did not nap well, which sucked but we muscled through.  The family arrived at 445.  I was a little crazed because of lack of nap.  Lack of nap = lack of break for mommy.  My dad, sweet man that he is, must have seen the “I need a drink and I need a drink bad” look in my eye and took the boys on a wagon ride for about an hour. 

So David and Jeff were able to prepare our feast without a couple of kiddos underfoot.  Lauren, mom and I drank wine and sat outside. 

The birthday dinner was a hit and we were having dessert when Hayden wandered over and climbed on David’s lap.  It was at that moment my brother asks, “Hayden, who’s your favorite rapper?”

Hayden didn’t say anything for about 30 seconds and we didn’t think he was going to remember the intense training he received on his alleged favorite rapper while riding in the car this afternoon when all of the sudden his mouth opens and out come the words,

“Dr. Dre.” 

I hope you can get a visual in your head of that one, because it was seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time

Thanks, brother, my kid now thinks Dr. Dre is the best rapper on the earth.  We have some serious re-wiring to do, to get that idea out of his head. 

Happy Saturday!

Love and peace


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