Thursday, February 9, 2012

Final Vegas Recap: Mommy and Bumblebee

One of the things I loved about this trip was being able to actually talk to my turkeys on the phone.  Last year, when I went to Des Moines, they really weren't speaking well so I didn't even try to get them on the phone. Last year, they were also much more attached to me, so the separation was a little more of an issue as well.

This year, as many of you know from my facebook updates, as I left my little turkeys said, "Bye Mom!  Have fun in Vegas!"  It broke my heart just a teeny bit for them to send me off with nary a whimper.  But at the same time, I was very pleased because the last thing I wanted to worry about was them missing me too much.

They had a great time with daddy.  Had McDonald's twice (that he is admitting to), probably watched non-mommy approved shows on television, and maybe bathed once.  It was great "man" time for all of them.  I wish they had been feeling better so they could have gone to the park a couple of times.

I missed them a ton in the 3 days I was gone, especially when I heard their little voices on the phone.  David put us on speaker every time I called and it was so sweet to hear the happiness in their voices when they heard mine and to hear the ever present screeching, "Mommeeeeeeee."

One evening as we were venturing out I came a man dressed in none other than a Bumblebee costume a la Transformers.  I freaked out. Seriously, I think I was even jumping up and down while squealing. Bumblebee, likely, was a little scared of me and rightly so.  My kids LOVE Bumblebee.

"OMG Tracey!  Look at that!  It's Bumblebee!  The boys would freak the eff out.  I have got to get a picture with him.  OMG!  They are going to LOVE this.  A picture of mommy and bumblebee.  Here."  And I thrust my phone into her hands, scrounged around for a five spot to give to poor Bumblebee.  I stood next to him beaming while our picture was snapped and immediately texted it to David.  Seeing as though it was 1 am Arizona time I wasn't expecting to hear from him that night.

The next morning I grab my phone and gleefully noticed the text message indicator.  I opened the message and this is what it said,

"So they said Bumblebee was too small and where is prime."


Ungrateful little turkeys.  When I saw Prime the next night, you better believe I did not waste another $5 on a picture with him.

Love and peace,


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