Monday, February 6, 2012

Vegas Recap: Come on Down!!!

So one of the highlights of our trip to Las Vegas was viewing “The Price is Right Live,”  hosted by none other than Joey Fatone of N’Sync stardom.  I do have to say he is much more handsome now as a thirty something dad than he ever was as a twenty something boy bander.  He even had a little gray in his beard that made us ladies swoon just a little.  Isn't it funny what becomes more attractive the older you get?

The show was scheduled to go on at 2:30 and the audience was required to be there by 12:30 to register.  This required a whole lotta patience and as many of you know patience is not a virtue I possess.  But I managed to make it through without punching one single person in the face.  Impressive, I know. 

The deal with this show is the producers select who is going down to contestants row.  There is no random drawing.  So when you get to the front of the line, you have about 10-POINT-2 seconds to make an impression.   Finally, we make it to the front and I give the gal my million dollar smile and mention how excited we are to be there blah, blah, blah.  I also manage to say that we were on a husband/kid free vacation and we were having a ball.  I tossed a couple of other semi-witty comments in there as well and off we went.  I didn’t have high hopes especially since Lady Luck had not been my friend thus far.

We had some time to kill so we played some slots, drank some beer, you know the same old shit we had been doing the rest of the time.  Finally, it was time to go into the theater.  We found our table, which was down near the front but off to the side.  We had a super sweet gal join our table named Melissa.  Turns out she graduated from Fairfield High School in 1993 (which is the school I attended until 1994).  I totally forgot to ask her maiden name.   So I don’t know  if I “knew” her or not.  R-A-N-D-O-M!

Right before the show started, an usher came by and offered us a table dead center in front of the stage.  So away we went.  The show began with some guy named Andy from “The Last Comic Standing” doing a little sketch.  I did not recognize him, but some other people did.  He was pretty amusing.  I didn’t laugh out loud but he coerced a couple of chuckles out of me.  And then it was time….

Joey Fatone was introduced and he came into the audience and guess who shook his hand?  Yep, this girl.  OMG!  OMG!  OMG!  Okay, it wasn’t that big of a deal.  I was more of a Backstreet Boy fan myself and if it had been that Kevin guy I probably would have fainted dead into his arms.  Anywho, Andy, who was also the announcer, called down the first four contestants.  I should also mention that there are four new people called up for each game.  So it does vary from the show in that way.

And I swear the only thing that kept repeating itself in my mind was the following:

“The Price is Wrong Bitch.” 

I couldn’t help it, it just kept popping up.  And I kept wanting to say it out loud.  I didn’t, but damn, I wanted to. 

So round 3 or 4 comes around and the 1st name is announced, the 2nd name is announced, the 3rd name is announced and then I hear:

“Andrea Boring, Come on Down.  You are the next contestant on The Price is Right.”

OMG!  OMG!  OMG!  I am going to pee my pants.  I am going to pee my pants.  No really, if I get up on stage I am going to pee my pants.  See I had used the ladies room right before the show started but apparently I consumed too much beer to make it the hour and a half length of the program.   And when they called my name, my bladder was SCREAMING.  I just can't hold it as long as I could 5 years and 2 kids ago.

People I am not even kidding, if my “bid had been closest to the actual retail price without going over” I would have totally and utterly embarrassed myself by either a) excusing myself from the game to make a mad dash to the bathroom or b) peed my pants on stage in front of hundreds of people and a pseudo celebrity. 

So they bring out the “item up for bid” which is an Olympus digital camera.  I was thinking $99, and I looked at Trace and she was saying $79 so I went with $79.  The next bid was like $200, the next was $85, then $120.

Actual retail price was $179.  WTF?!  Seriously, this is the camera and it retails for like $100 but whatever, I seriously didn’t care because losing meant I could go PEE and not completely embarrass myself in the process. 


One of the funniest moments of the program occurred in between games.  It was announced before the show started that in between pricing games, instant winners would be chosen.  If your name was called, you were NOT to “come on down.”  You were to remain in your seat and at the end of the program you would receive your prize.  Clearly some folks in the audience did not have their listening ears on during these explicit instructions.  Not once, but TWO times in a row when an instant winner’s name was drawn, she came running down.  It was beyond hilarious especially with Joey Fatone’s commentary on the matter.  

It was a fun experience and I did get a free T-shirt, which I proceeded to leave in the hotel room upon departure.

Love and peace,


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