Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why God, Why?

My children are staging a full fledged revolt and are attempting to overthrow their government (aka me).  I knew this day was coming, I was just hoping it would wait until they started school full time, in like 6 months. Although I have a few tricks up my sleeve, I think, I think they might be starting to catch on.

It started about a few weeks ago.  We got home from school, had lunch and then we headed to the bedroom for that blissful time us mommies know as naptime.  Normally, they will have a cup of milk and then jabber for a bit and fall asleep by 1-1:15.  They did not fall asleep for an hour and a half.  Next day, same thing.

Oh, hell, no.  My children are not finished with naps.  I will fight this and win, dammit!  The second day, after they finally fell asleep, I thought a bit about our predicament.  What can I do to get them tired enough to sleep?  AHA!  The park.  Soccer Balls.  The idea was slowly forming in my head.

Wait for it....wait for it...

I will take them to the park and kick soccer balls as far away from them as possible and then watch them chase the soccer balls until they are so tired they can barely stand up.

By golly, that's it!  That is how I will rise against the revolt!  Ha!  Three year olds are no match for me!

And you know what, it works.  We are home by 2pm and they go to bed most days without a fight and fall asleep within minutes.  Another plus side to my brilliant idea?

I am already working on a fabulous tan.  I heart Arizona.

Love and peace,


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