Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I love me some ebay....

Whew!  Here I am world.  Did ya miss me?  Probably not.  But that’s ok I completely understand.  Here I go and start this spectacular writing extravaganza known as a blog, get a decent amount of daily hits and then, poof, I just disappear off the face of the world for 16 days.

16 days!

Well, I am back and with a new ebay purchased computer no less!  I had much internal dialogue with myself about the pros and cons of purchasing a computer on an internet auction site.   When I actually won the auction I freaked out a little bit and almost backed out of the purchase, but I went through with it and am ridiculously pleased with the results.  

I got myself, I mean family, a 17” powerbook g4 macintosh laptop.  This sucker is huge!  It has been completely refurbished and upgraded.  It was only $235 about $20 less than it would have been to repair the other one.   Everything is working fabulously well so far.

One thing that sucks about spilling coffee on your computer is spilling coffee on your computer the morning after you spend hours editing photos on iPhoto and not saving them to your flash drive.  What sucks even more?  Erasing the memory card the day before you spill coffee on your computer and not backing up your pictures on the flash drive.  Lesson learned, on multiple levels.  Do not drink coffee within 20 feet of the laptop and always back your shit up.  Got it.

So what has happened the past several weeks?  Well, we did have Christmas.  You will be happy to know that my Christmas spirit came through with a vengeance and we were able to have a lovely holiday.  I did not scar my children for life by deciding Christmas should not come this year.  They had a blast opening all their presents and were cuter than anything when they kept saying “Happy Birthday Jesus!”

They were pretty pissed when they woke up the day after and ran out to discover that more presents hadn’t miraculously appeared under the tree.  Actually, pissed might not be the best word.  They had a full blown mother of all tantrums.  It was superfun.

And guess who starts school on Thursday?!?!  My two little munchkins are starting preschool.  They will be attending a church preschool about 30 seconds from our house and will be going Tuesdays and Thursdays until another spot opens up in the MWF class.  The difference between 2-3 days is only $50 a month so of course, I am going to send them 3 days when another spot opens up.   Sanity is definitely worth $50. 

Now, if any of you have any ideas on how to knock a kid out of that MWF class, let me know.  Bribery, blackmail?  I am open to anything. 

Before the Great Coffee Spill of 2011, I did upload 2 photos I was playing with onto the blog just to check it out.  So here they are...

Mommy and Logan

David wasn't too thrilled with my photo session

Hope all of you have a great week back to school and work!

Love and peace


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