Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dear Pinterest

Dear Pinterest:

You and me, we're gonna have some problems.  You see, I am already not the best housekeeper, wife, or mom.  I really do not need you in my life.  Because as soon as I type in the letters my day might as well be over.  I could even try to ignore you but my browser has other ideas.  All I have to do is type in www.p and you pop up.  Even my computer is trying to stop my domestic duties.

It's rather ironic though.  Because I spend the majority of my time on Pinterest looking at home organization ideas and cleaning tips.  Huh.  Here's a tip:  Get the EFF off of the computer Andrea.

This kinda reminds of when the boys were babies and I discovered facebook.  All they did was sleep for hours at a time, so I would be on facebook for hours at a time.  Of course, then my house wasn't as messy because I didn't have two toddlers systematically destroying it AND I had a housekeeper.  So I could justify my internet addiction, then.  Now, not so much.  Whew, if you could only see my floors.

All you brilliant tech junkies need to stop creating things for us stay at home moms to use as procrastination tools.  How are we supposed to teach our children to take over the world when they are sitting on my lap looking at "pretty kitchens, mommy," or "aww cute babies, mommy."  Hell, how I am supposed to get motivated to clean my kitchen when it will never look like this, even when it is sparkly and clean:


So after muddling through and figuring out how Pinterest works, it is all over.  I am addicted and I need help.  Somebody needs to create an online support group and pin it, please!!!  Or maybe someone can invent a robot that cleans my house for me, for free, now there is a brilliant idea!

Not so much love,


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