Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kitchen? What Kitchen? I see a Jungle Gym!!!

So I have had a little bit of a tough time writing the past couple of days. The blogs that you read yesterday and the day before were actually written last week and just edited recently.  I’ve written this week, I’ve just been writing some pretty personal stuff and I am not sure if I am ready for the world to read my musings.  Plus, some of it is sad, and who wants to read sad stuff.  No worries, nothing sad about our family, just some sad stuff about other families that I feel the urge to share. 

I have some ebbs and flows with my writing, I’ve discovered, which makes perfect sense seeing as though my moods seem to do the same.  Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to be clever and quick everysingleday.  Sorry.

Sure, I’ve got cute turkey stories everyday.  Like, remember when I mentioned on facebook about some of their Christmas Presents?  Nope?  Well, here was my status update:
Andrea Graves-Boring
 is thisclose to having a $280 Step 2 Walkin Grand kitchen bought off craigslist for $40 :) Wish me luck!! Man this will be their best Christmas ever and all for around $100....

Boy, was I excited to give this to them on Christmas Day.  MaMa and Dandad got them all the accessories.  My kids were set with the creme de la cremes of kitchens.  They just learned that "daddy is a chef."  And they were going to "cook like daddy."  Those were probably some of the cutest things to come out of their mouths ever.  They played nicely for several days and I thought, "Sweet!  This is great!  Awesome present!" Well, as I'm sure you have guessed, that did not last long.  Let me give you a visual.

Here is the picture of how children are supposed to play with the kitchen:

Here is a picture of how MY children play with kitchens:

My husband, always a genius on what to say to his wife, recently uttered these brilliant words:

“Did you really expect anything else?”

I guess I need to stop having expectations that my turkeys will do things like other similarly aged boys. Maybe, just maybe this means they will blossom into studious quiet geeky young men, you know like Steve Jobs or something.  Maybe, just maybe they will get all of this wildness out of their systems before kindergarten. 

Or not.

Most certainly, they will turn out like that billionaire who likes to jump out of planes and climb dangerous mountains. 

So anyhow, guess I did feel like writing something light hearted today.  Good, I’ll save the heavy stuff for another time.  

Love and peace,


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