Friday, January 27, 2012

The World According to Hayden and Logan

My dad had a great idea last night.  He's known to have a few from time to time.  Wink, wink.  He suggested I dedicate a blog post to Hayden and Logan-isms.  He had a very valid point in that at this age they are so cute in everything they do and say.  The little words and phrases that come out of their mouths amaze us, astound and make us laugh until we almost pee our pants.  My dad reminded me last night that we won't remember everything and that we should record as much as possible.  So from this point forward, you will be reading the words of my padre.  I love you dad!

From Dandad:

It is a joy to spend time with our grandsons and much of that happiness comes from hearing what they have to say about their world at 3 1/2. Sometimes it is not always evident what they mean and with that in mind, here is a sampling. What they say on the left and what it means on the right:
Andra = Newly found name for Mommy
Mamaw (pronounced mumahhh.....little French boys?) = Grandma
Dandad, or Dadad = Grandad
Daddy = Daddy (imagine that!)
Waggy ride = Wagon ride in their Radio Flyer, and Dandad's favorite form of exercise
"Hayden, Logan, and Dandad" = Hayden's answer when a lady asked, "What are your names?", while we were on a waggy ride.
"Guitar me, Dandad" = Play some music
"Christmas tree me, Mamaw" = Logan asking Mamaw to look at the Christmas tree with him
"Huuuh...." = pensive reflection by Logan
Car-jeep = crossover vehicles like a Honda CRV
"I fine!" = Hayden's answer meaning, "I don't want your help."
Bumblebee = yellow Camaro (think Transformers movie)
Corvette, Camaro, and Mustang = Corvette, Camaro, and Mustang.....the coolest cars in their world
Cool fast car = any car other than the above that looks cool
Mommy new car = any blue Toyota Sienna
Daddy new car = any white Pontiac Grand Prix
Car-truck = any flatbed car hauler
Mater = any old style tow truck with a hook (think Cars movie)
Mack = any semi-truck (think Cars)
Queen = Lightning McQueen (think Cars)
Sally = any Porsche (think Cars...seeing a pattern here?)
Chicken fish = fish sticks 
White Coke = diet Sprite
White chips = tortilla chips
Black chips = barbeque chips (color of Lays bag)
Orange melon = cantalope
Green melon = honeydew
"Check it out, Dandad, check it out!" = Logan wants to show me something
"Come on Dandad, come on Dandad" = when they want me to go with them
Jesus lights = any lighting of the cross or other church illumination (See Nov. blog)
"Prize!" = surprise; what Logan says as he opens the door to visit Mamaw
"Kyiet!" = be quiet; usually in response to grownup singing
"Dandad toot!" = er, um, what Logan observes at times on a Waggy ride. :)
"Hayden!", "Logan!" =  what they say before they run toward each other at times for a big hug. It is darling.
Love to all, 
Mamaw and Dandad

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