Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Mall

Yesterday, I picked the turkeys up from school and decided we would venture on down to the mall for a little chick fil a action.  Plus, I think our mall is one of the only malls left that has a pet store.  So turkeys get to see some puppies, too.  They scored big yesterday as not one, but two puppies were playing in the little play area.  The boys got the biggest kick out of watching those animals play with each other.

I kept telling them that the puppies were acting like Hayden and Logan.  What with the wrestling around, nipping, and toy stealing that was going on.  They didn't seem to get it.  Everytime one of the puppies would jump up to lick his hand, Logan would erupt with the funniest cackle I think I have ever heard.  It was so loud, that people outside the pet store were glancing in trying to determine what the hell the sound was.  Amusing.

Then, out of nowhere, my kids took off out of the store and ran directly towards the nearest danger they could find, the escalator.  Seriously, one second we were looking at puppies and next, they both said, "Let's go Mommy" and took off.  Holy hell, I didn't really know I could run that fast, but I caught them before they launched themselves down the moving stairs.  I've never been a fan of punishment in public, so those boys were lucky that didn't get their little tails spanked and spanked hard.  It was time to go after that.

Unfortunately, it seems that once that have that one out of control moment, then it's all over.  There is no reining the monsters in after that.  There is no listening, there is no staying with mommy, there is only running and screaming.  I do the only thing I can do, pray that we all make it out of the mall in one piece.  I have been known from time to time to scoop one under my right arm and one under my left arm and make a run for it.  Of course, now that they are 40 lbs each, it is becoming a tad more difficult.  But I can do it and I did it yesterday.

I can only imagine what I looked like.  At least I wore makeup.  Hopefully, that took a little bit of the madness out of my eyes.

Peace and love


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