Monday, January 23, 2012

I hate crafts

So, as I read parenting books and magazines and see facebook pictures of fellow moms of toddlers doing these awesome crafts with their kids, I feel a mild tinge of guilt.  See, I hate crafting with my kids.  I know, I know I am stifling the potential for my 3 year olds to discover their true artistic genius.   One of them could be the next Van Gogh.  Although, I would prefer if they keep their ears.  But, damn, I really hate cleaning up the mess.

About once a year, I tell myself I am going to be a good mom and I trudge on over to Michael's and select some fun crafting tools, like markers, paint, paper and stamps.  The last time I did that was actually well over a year ago and I put the bag containing said supplies in the top of the boys' closet.  I took the bag out about 2 months ago when my lovely babysitter was on her way over.

Yep, I let my boys loose with paint and paper on a poor unsuspecting Meaghan.  She did very well with the crafting project, perhaps because she has 4 younger siblings at home and her mom actually did crafts with her.  So now, almost every time Meaghan comes over, the turkeys' want to paint.  Tee, hee.  I am a brilliant evil genius, aren't I?  Sorry, Meags!

I wish I could find the patience to craft with my kids.  But when we try, I get so frustrated that they don't want to listen and then I may or may not end up talking with a raised voice (some might call this yelling, I do not) and then what was supposed to be a fun project ends up with us all pissed at each other.

14 year olds are much better at this than I am.  Happy crafting!

Love and peace,



  1. I hate crafts too. I used to be all crafty when I was younger but that went away. I always have good intentions myself but it just never happens. I think I have a ton of craft stuff all over the house but I end up just giving it to the kids and letting them do what they want with it.

  2. That's why they invented preschool, so we don't have to deal with messy craft projects but get to enjoy the art work that comes and hangs on the fridge.